Villa les Roches

Bed & Breakfast and Holiday Apartment in Langogne, Southern France

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A fantastic pyramid of mountain hams created by the Maison Fagès in Langogne.

A stay at Villa les Roches, Langogne would not be complete without taking time to sample the local cuisine. This town has a long tradition of producing excellent mountain hams, salamis and sausages and is well known for its livestock markets. Amusingly, in the year 2000, the town gained the record for the Longest Sausage in the World, (231.60m), but in 2011 the Italians became the reigning kings of the sausage with a new world record of  593.80ms. Even if your appetite is not so gargantuan, you should at least try a dish of Aligot and Saucisses - admittedly, a bit like sausages and mash but with oodles more flavour!  There are lots of other regional delights to discover too!  For a sweet treat, try Langogne's very own candy - Gargantille - a blueberry flavoured sweet.


Restaurants in & Around Langogne

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Restaurant de la Poste, Langogne

In the centre of Langogne and only three or four minutes away by car, we recommend the Restaurant de la Poste, Langogne. Under the management of Mr Willy Navarro, you will enjoy a meal that is both interesting and refined.


To reserve: Tel.: 04 66 69 00 02

Le Boulodrôme, Langogne

To reserve: Tel.: 04 66 69 06 49

Le Restaurant des Voyageurs, Langogne


To reserve: Tel.: 04 66 46 42 28

Le Restaurant des Terrasses du Lac, Naussac

Traditional cooking using local produce, located on the banks of the Naussac Lake.

To reserve: Tel.: 04 66 69 29 62

Le Restaurant du Domaine de Barres

An imaginative menu, full of regional flavours.

To reserve: Tel.: 04 66 69 71 00

Recommended Restaurants, Slightly Further Afield

Le Restaurant de l'Hôtel de la Poste, Châteauneuf de Randon, Lozère

An excellent restaurant, offering a menu that is both traditional and gastronomic. Here, the chef will proudly reveal the richness of local delicacies culled from the green pastures and deep vallies of the Margeride region.


To reserve: Tel.: 04 66 47 90 05

Le Restaurant de L'Hôtel Provence, Lanarce

To reserve: Tel.:Tél 04 66 69 46 06


Le Restaurant de l'Hôtel le Haut Allier, Alleyras


To reserve: Tel.: 04 71 57 57 99